Trainwreck finally reveals Kick app launch date for Android and iPhone

trainwreck looking into the cameraTwitch: Trainwreckstv

Trainwreck has finally revealed when the mobile app for his streaming platform Kick will release, and fans are excited.

Back in 2022, TrainwrecksTV revealed that he was working on a “revolutionary” streaming platform to rival Twitch and YouTube.

It was quickly revealed to have ties with gambling platform Stake, and since then creators like Adin Ross have made their official full-time switch to the platform.

Many viewers have wanted a mobile app since the platform’s launch, and Trainwreck has finally revealed when it’s coming.

Trainwreck reveals mobile app launch for Kick

Posted in the early morning of February 24, Train revealed the date of the app’s launch in a post on Twitter.

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“Kick mobile app projected to be ready by MARCH 3RD,” Train revealed.

Since then, it’s been viewed over 358k times and fans have taken to the replies to share their excitement.

“Eagerly awaiting the app, I miss watching you, I just find the browser annoying on mobile for watching things, just doesn’t feel right. So will be glad to start watching again when it goes live. Keep up the good work train. A man of the people,” one fan replied.

Another user said: “Congrats bud, I know this isn’t an easy task to compete with established monoliths but I appreciate the work.”

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Dozens of others simply replied “W” in agreement that the app’s release is a major win for the community being built on the platform.

In a reply to another tweet, Train also revealed that having an app on consoles like the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5 will be the next thing they focus on.

We’ll keep you updated as Train continues to reveal features for the up-and-coming platform.