Joe Rogan explains how moving to Spotify made him even more famous

Joe Rogan IvermectinJoe Rogan / Breaking Points

Joe Rogan explained how he’s become even more famous since moving his podcast to Spotify, to the point where the “level of weirdness” in public has “ramped up considerably.”

Joe shocked the world when he announced that his podcast was becoming a Spotify exclusive back in May 2020. One of the biggest reasons behind the switch was that he claimed YouTube tended to “censor people without censoring them,” which he didn’t like.

But despite being a good move for him, it made many fans angry at the time. That dissatisfaction continued to swell, especially after discovering more than 40 episodes had been removed from the platform.

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Nevertheless, Joe hoped moving to Spotify would make him “less famous” since it’s less accessible than YouTube. However, the opposite seemed to happen, and he explained why during an interview with Breaking Points hosts Krystal and Saagar.

Rogan sits down with Dave Chapelle during JRE podcastYouTube: JRE Clips
The Joe Rogan Experience boasts an incredible range of guests, including Dave Chapelle.

“One of the things I was hoping about Spotify… [is that] I’ll be less famous,” he said. He conceded that it would have been a “nice” change.

But instead, the hosts pointed out that he became even more of a “household name” after switching platforms, and he agreed. “It was [mentioned] in Forbes and all this sh*t, and it was just like, whoah!” he said.

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“I think people realized there’s a lot of money in this sh*t. I think that was a big factor. It was like one of those moments in a movie where the record skips. And then the level of weirdness in public ramped up considerably.”

Joe also mentioned that the increased attention doesn’t bother him because “no one is ever mean to him in public,” and people are “almost always nice.” And if he ever decided to take an extended break, he believes people will “find somebody else” to fill the void.

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The relevant part of the video happens between 0:07 and 1:00.

Even though he’s still pulling incredible amounts of viewership on the platform, Statista reported that Google Search interest in the United States for the term ‘Joe Rogan’ has dropped by 40% since he made the switch.

So, although Spotify has seemingly made him more famous, at least in terms of mainstream media coverage, it doesn’t seem to be reflected in the numbers and search results. But it’s fair to say that he wouldn’t be too bothered by that.

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