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Joe Rogan podcast becoming Spotify exclusive: everything you need to know

Published: 19/May/2020 20:18

by Michael Gwilliam


Joe Rogan shocked the internet by revealing that his extremely-popular podcast will be moving exclusively to Spotify at the end of the year as part of a multi-year deal.

As Rogan explained in an Instagram video, starting September 1, the podcast will be available on Spotify alongside other platforms – but by the end of 2020, it will only be available on that platform, exclusively.

“Starting on September 1, the entire JRE library will be available on Spotify,” Rogan revealed in a May 19 Tweet.

Somewhere around the end of the year, however, Spotify will be the only home for the JRE podcast, including the video version.

Will the show be different?

“It will be the exact same show,” Rogan added. “I am not going to be an employee of Spotify. We’re going to be working with the crew, doing the same exact show. The only difference will be it will now be available on the largest audio platform in the world.”

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Announcement: the podcast is moving to @spotify! Starting on September 1 the podcast will be available on Spotify as well as all platforms, and then at the end of the year it will move exclusively to Spotify, including the video version. It will remain FREE, and it will be the exact same show. It’s just a licensing deal, so Spotify won’t have any creative control over the show. They want me to just continue doing it the way I’m doing it right now. We will still have clips up on YouTube but full versions of the show will only be on Spotify after the end of the year. I’m excited to have the support of the largest audio platform in the world and I hope you folks are there when we make the switch!

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He went on to stress that nothing will change and the show will remain free. He further detailed the move in the announcement post that Spotify will not “have any creative control over the show.”

What will happen to YouTube clips?

For those who only watch snippets on YouTube, there’s good news for you, too. “We will still have clips up on YouTube,” Rogan added.

It’s unclear how long the deal will last for, or how much it’s worth, but seeing as the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts in the world, it likely cost the platform a huge chunk of change.

Hopefully, the change of platforms will also allow for more guests and topics that may not have been suitable for YouTube.

Joe Rogan’s YouTube channel currently boasts a whopping 8.4 million subscribers with videos that consistently draw views in the millions.


High School footballer turns TikTok sensation overnight with 1m followers

Published: 19/Nov/2020 16:58

by Alice Hearing


A high-school football player has become a TikTok sensation overnight after a video of him lip-syncing to Justin Bieber blew up on the platform and launched him into the spotlight.

Caden Woodall was the star of the show in a viral TikTok showing he and his football team, the Spartans from Michigan, lip-syncing to Justin Bieber’s 2010 song ‘Eenie Meenie.’ The video was complete with incredible vibes, solo dances, and backflips.

After earning more than 12 million views, fans of the clip were quick to point out how they felt about #7 who had his very own main character moment in those few seconds. One person wrote, “the first dude could break my heart and I’d say sorry.” Another person wrote, “#7 is the real-life Troy Bolton.”

The original video was posted by user @rawrits.alex who filmed it on the team’s last season game on October 23 before uploading it at the beginning of November. She also commented, “I was in the middle of 30 sweaty guys for this, the camera girl needs some appreciation.”

@rawrits.alexOnly the best ##football ##videography ##lockerroom ##dancing♬ original sound – Rawr

After all the hype, Caden stans can rejoice as the man himself created his very own TikTok account on Wednesday, November 19. His first video, which is a lipsync to the same song, but from a golf buggy, garnered more than 19 million views within 20 hours. Caden also hit more than 1 million followers in the same timeframe.

@cadenwoodallhey guys ##7 here, video cred @rawrits.alex , @lnolan_07 @landenmacek @jcantrell207 @maxims81 ##fyp♬ original sound – Rawr

The high-schooler even has a whole side of TikTok dedicated to him which can be found by sifting through the #7 tag or via the sound to the original video. It features scores of girls fawning over him and claiming he lives “rent-free in my head.”

The hype has even transcended TikTok and Caleb is being talked about on Instagram too. One person commented on his latest Instagram picture, “Wait are you the dude from TikTok? Omg, number 7 please notice me.”


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Who is Caden Woodall?

Caden Woodall is one of the players on a Michigan football team called the Spartans and he’s currently in the running to be chosen as Michigan High School’s Football Player of The Year.

Next year he will be attending Harvard for college, but also received offers from Yale and Princeton to study and play football there.

If Caden keeps on posting lip sync videos, he might have to put his football career on hold and become the male equivalent of Charli D’Amelio.