Joe Rogan fans lash out at Spotify after over 40 podcast episodes removed

Jacob Hale
Joe Rogan Experience podcast Spotify episodes removedYouTube: PowerfulJRE

With the ongoing censorship row over the removal of Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes from Spotify, fans have hit out as the extent of the removal is revealed.

Ever since Rogan announced that his podcast would be moving exclusively to Spotify from YouTube, fans have been happy to air their grievances with the changes.

While the deal was worth a reported $100m to line Rogan’s pockets, it has come at somewhat of a cost: the loss of some of his old podcast episodes.

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With over 1600 episodes recorded, you would think these would simply be forgotten, but that isn’t the case at all.

Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode with Mike TysonYouTube: PowerfulJRE
Rogan has had some major celebrities on his podcast.

Joe Rogan fans lash out over “censorship”

After it was revealed that over 40 episodes have been removed, including popular ones with guests such as Alex Jones, Louis Theroux and disgraced comedian Chris D’Elia, fans are lashing out.

With claims of censorship coming from his most loyal fans, a lot of people showed their disgust at Spotify.

“This is censorship!” said Mark Larsson. “The next contract that Mr. Rogan signs with them should have a clause that they cannot tamper with his catalog.

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“I will delete Spotify from my phone as soon as Joe Rogan’s catalog is significantly reduced.”

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Hugh also alluded to cancelling his Spotify membership, saying he will switch to rival TIDAL over the censorship issue.

Other fans, such as Dave, directly addressed Joe, accusing him of “selling out” and implying that the show has lost its appeal since switching to Spotify.

Overall, the response has been as rabid and negative as you could imagine. Rogan’s fans are seriously upset, but the chances of them getting their wishes and seeing old episodes return don’t seem likely right now.

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Which JRE episodes have been removed from Spotify?

Here’s the full list of all Joe Rogan Experience episodes that have been removed from Spotify, according to Heavy:

  • #1458 – Chris D’Elia
  • #1255 – Alex Jones Returns
  • #1093 – Owen Benjamin, Kurt Metzger
  • #1033 – Owen Benjamin
  • #998 – Owen Benjamin
  • #980 – Chris D’Elia
  • #979 – Sargon of Akkad
  • #920 – Gavin McInnes
  • #911 – Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo
  • #820 – Milo Yiannopoulos
  • #750 – Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn, producers of Conspiracy
  • #710 – Gavin McInnes
  • #702 – Milo Yiannopoulos
  • #640 – Charles C. Johnson
  • #582 – David Seaman
  • #538 – Stefan Molyneux
  • #533 – Chris D’elia
  • #520 – David Seaman
  • #487 – David Seaman
  • #463 – Louis Theroux
  • #461 – David Seaman
  • #454 – War Machine
  • #441 – Brian Dunning
  • #368 – David Seaman
  • #361 – Dave Asprey, Tait Fletcher
  • #331 – Dr. Steven Greer
  • #303 – Matt Vengrin, Brian Redban
  • #276 – David Seaman, Abby Martin, Dell Cameron, Brian Redban
  • #275 – Dave Asprey
  • #256 – David Seaman
  • #239 – Adam Kokesh
  • #213 – Eddie Bravo
  • #182 – Bryan Callen, Jimmy Burke, Brian Redban
  • #128 – Joey Diaz, Brian Redban
  • #119 – Jan Irvin
  • #108 – Joey Diaz, Brian Redban
  • #98 – Daryl Wright, Brian Whitaker
  • #97 – Freddy Lockhart, Brian Redban
  • #81 – Pete Johansson
  • #57 – Jayson Thibault, Brian Redban

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