Joe Rogan fans still angry about JRE Podcast Spotify exclusive: “Why leave YouTube?”


Fans of the Joe Rogan Experience are still livid over the decision to move the podcast exclusively to Spotify, constantly bombarding the celebrity’s Instagram posts with calls for the show to return to YouTube.

Back in May of 2020, Joe Rogan announced that JRE would be moving to Spotify as part of a huge multi-year deal with the music platform.

While the free-to-watch show has remained the same since the move, just as Rogan promised when the deal was first revealed, the fact it’s no longer on YouTube really rubbed some fans the wrong way.

Fans first started voicing their anger when the December 2 show aired, marking the podcast’s transition to a full Spotify exclusive, leaving only clips and highlights for YouTube.

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Joe Rogan talks on his podcastYouTube/Joe Rogan
Fans are not happy with Joe Rogan’s move to Spotify.

Now, the blowback has continued, with the frustration boiling over to the comment sections of Rogan’s Instagram page.

After advertising the episode with Suzanne Santo and Gary Clark JR, fans took to the platform in waves to call for the show to return to YouTube.

“Go back on Youtube, it’s just easier,” one pleaded. “YouTube was more convenient,” another stated.

Others provided some sound reasoning for preferring YouTube over Spotify.

“Missing all the comments! When are you gonna get comments on Spotify!” asked designer Dino Tomic, which promoted others to agree.

“This is my major complaint. Spotify isn’t ready for Joe they barely have the video option,” a user replied. “Yep, really missing the comment section.”

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Joe Rogan smokes on airYouTube/Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan signed a multi-year deal with Spotify.

The remarks weren’t limited to Joe’s most recent Instagram post either. For the episode with Todd White, the most liked comment was: “Like this comment if you don’t listen to his podcast as much as before” which accumulated nearly 900 likes.

Spotify hate continued with other comments being a bit more vulgar, consisting of “Spotify sucks,” “Spotify is whack,” or the ever-demanding “Go back to YouTube!!”

Sadly for fans wanting to see JRE back on YouTube, there are no signs that it will be happening any time soon, especially considering the Spotify deal was for multiple years.

We’ll have to wait and see how long the complaints last and if Joe Rogan can work some magic to have the show back on YouTube in some capacity other than just highlights.

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