Joe Rogan denied Andrew Tate’s request for JRE Podcast invite years ago

Joe Rogan and Andrew Tate side by sideSpotify: Joe Rogan/Andrew Tate

It has been revealed that Joe Rogan once shut down an attempt to get Andrew Tate booked on the JRE Podcast, long before the controversial personality rose to prominence. 

The Joe Rogan Experience has grown to become the biggest podcast in the world at this point, regularly topping the charts on Spotify and picking up millions of views on YouTube. 

It started out as just Rogan speaking with fellow comedians, but guests from all walks of life now appear on the podcast. The UFC commentator does have regular visitors, but he routinely speaks to people in fields that he’s interested in. 

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As it’s become a behemoth in the podcast space, plenty of people have tried to get an invite. Rogan famously shut down attempts from Donald Trump to be a guest during his presidential run, and it’s now been revealed he also did the same to Andrew Tate. 

Joe Rogan shut down Andrew Tate attempt to get on JRE Podcast

The fact was revealed by the Southern Poverty Law Center – SPLC – which is currently investigating the phone of Alex Jones, a regular guest on Rogan’s show, amid claims of bankruptcy. 

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It happened back in 2019, before Tate was as prevalent as he is, as Jones was asked by Tate to pass on a good word to Rogan and “recommend” him for the show. When he did, Rogan shut it down on the basis that he was too busy. 

“Yeah he’s been trying to get on my podcast for a while,” Rogan responded, according to the SPLC’s findings. “I’m way over booked right now.”

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YouTube: PowerfulJRE
Rogan has had a huge number of guests on his podcast.

Rogan has since been supportive of Tate, who is currently held in custody by Romanian authorities on suspicion of human trafficking, rape, and forming an organized crime group. Tate denies all the allegations.

The JRE host also said that the controversial influencer taught “good lessons” before being removed from a number of social media platforms.