Joe Rogan & Dave Portnoy claim rooting for Andrew Tate’s demise is “crazy”

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Joe Rogan and Dave Portnoy have explained why they think it “crazy” for people to root for Andrew Tates demise as the latter is currently detained on alleged human trafficking charges and more.

On December 30, 2022, Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania on charges of human trafficking, rape, and organized crime when the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism raided his house.

He has remained detained since the arrest — and will be for at least 30 days — leading those against Andrew Tate to take to social media to root for his possible demise.

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During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Dave Portnoy as the guest, Rogan and Portnoy explained why they think its “crazy” people are rooting for Tate’s demise.

Portnoy & Rogan say rooting for Andrew Tate’s demise is “crazy”

While talking about Tate during the podcast, Dave Portnoy and Joe Rogan began talking about his recent charges in Romania and how people are rooting for him to be locked away for a long time.

“You’re still crazy to root for that because you’re not thinking about the victims. Basically, that means a lot of people were hurt,” Dave said.

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Joe responded: “It means that if it’s true, they want him to be punished. But hoping that it is true when it isn’t true is not good either. It’s horrible because you were hoping for people to be victimized.”

(Topic starts at 9:55 in the video)

Andrew Tate wasn’t the only one arrested either. His brother Tristan and two other unnamed people are also currently detained on similar charges.

It’s unknown what will happen to the controversial influencer next, but we’ll be sure to update you as the story unfolds.

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For more detail regarding Andrew Tates current situation, check out our article.

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