Joe Rogan shuts down Donald Trump JRE podcast rumors once and for all

. 4 months ago
Joe Rogan alongside Donald Trumo on JRE podcast
Spotify: Joe Rogan/WikiMedia Commons: Gage Skidmore

Joe Rogan has shut down claims that he’ll have former US President Donald Trump on the JRE Podcast soon after a wild surge of rumors surfaced across social media. 

As the Joe Rogan Experience podcast has grown to be arguably the biggest show in the world, the UFC Commentator has had his fair share of high-profile guests on to talk about things over the years.

The likes of Kanye West, Elon Musk, Mike Tyson, Dave Chapelle, and Edward Snowden have all graced the JRE podcast with their presence at least once, and there is clamor for Rogan to get even bigger guests.

Most recently, rumors have surfaced across social media that Rogan would land arguably his biggest guest to date in the form of former US President Donald Trump, after he appeared on the NELK Boy’s FULL SEND show. However, he won’t be having Trump on as a guest.

YouTube: JRE Clips
Rogan’s podcast touches on a wide range of topics.

During episode 1793 of the Joe Rogan Experience with Mike Baker, the podcast host noted that he’d become aware of the rumors after being bombarded with emails and messages about it.

“There’s been a whole thing where a hundred people, at least, have texted me and sent me emails and contacted me because they heard Trump was coming on my podcast,” Rogan started. “And the source of it is a fake Trump account on Twitter that said ‘I’m going on the Joe Rogan podcast soon.'”

Baker, Rogan’s guest on the episode, commented that he’d even been made aware of the rumors and wasn’t sure if it was true or not. “It’s not the case,” the host said, as he cleared up the story behind the “fake” tweets.

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As Rogan referenced, Trump’s appearance on the FULL SEND podcast set records for the NELK Boys’ within the first day, and given how big Rogan’s show is, it likely would have broken the internet.

Though, it won’t be happening any time soon, if ever as it’s now the third time Rogan has shut down the idea of a Trump episode. So, don’t rush to refresh your Spotify feeds.

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