JiDion responds to boxing callout from Swarmz amid January fight rumors

Virginia Glaze
JiDion responds to Swarmz boxing challenge

JiDion has reacted to a callout from British rapper Swarmz, who challenged him for a boxing match in January as rumors continue to swirl of a possible “Prime card” event.

Swarmz recently fought YouTube star KSI as part of his ‘two fights, one night’ event on August 27.

Although he was soundly defeated by his opponent, he’s looking to get back into the ring early next year on KSI’s undercard for an event that fans are calling the ‘Prime card,’ referencing KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration beverage line.

For now, nothing has been confirmed regarding this mystery card — but Swarmz is seemingly interested in snagging a piece of the pie.

On September 29, the rapper posted a statement that many fans took to be a challenge toward fellow YouTuber JiDion: “Swarmz vs Jidion – January!!!!”

He made a few other tweets alluding to a possible fight between them, leading viewers to ask JiDion if he was really down to take on Swarmz in the ring… but it doesn’t look like he’s too interested in taking on the rapper for his first bout.

JiDion explains why he doesn’t want to box Swarmz

JiDion reacted to Swarmz’s callout during a YouTube video shortly thereafter, admitting that he would rather take on a more prolific opponent for his boxing debut.

“I’m gonna be completely honest — I don’t wanna fight Swarmz,” he admitted. “And it’s not because I’m scared of him. It’s not because of anything.”

“I see Swarmz, and it doesn’t motivate me,” he continued. “I want an opponent to where I wake up in the f**kin’ middle of the night having dreams of them knocking me out, and I get scared. …and I wake up in the middle of the night and I start training. Is that fair?”

“I feel like Swarmz isn’t gonna be what gets me up to go train and f**kin’ get right. But also, I gotta realize, this is my first fight. I’m not fighting f**kin’ Anthony Joshua or Canelo or somebody, but like, I want that fear, you know?”

The YouTuber did not give a definite yes or no answer during his broadcast and has not released any official statement on the possible fight at the time of writing, leaving fans curious to see who, if anyone, he’ll choose for his debut bout.

Initially, JiDion called out Joe Weller, but now says that his British rival likely won’t step into the ring anytime soon due to purported issues stemming from his bout against KSI back in 2018.

For now, mixed martial artist Dillon Danis is eyeing KSI as his next opponent as this mysterious January fight card continues to pick up steam.

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