JiDion explains why he left PRIME amid Logan Paul feud

Virginia Glaze
jidion-leaves-prime-logan-paul-feudYouTube: JiDion, IMPAULSIVE

Popular streamer JiDion explained why he left the PRIME brand amid his ongoing feud with fellow influencer Logan Paul.

YouTuber and streamer JiDion is currently embroiled in a heated feud with Logan Paul as the latter gears up for his upcoming boxing match against Dillon Danis in October.

In preparation for their bout, Danis has been antagonizing Paul on X (formerly Twitter), making numerous posts about his opponent’s fiance, Danish model Nina Agdal.

Danis has been posting numerous photos of Agdal posing with various male celebrities, seeming to insinuate she has an intimate history with them. This online behavior has riled up other influencers like Corinna Kopf, who also received the same treatment from Danis after protesting his posts.

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JiDion notably reacted to Danis’s tweets in a viral video that was ultimately taken down. JiDion also showed up to their August 22 press conference, where he got into an argument with Paul backstage — a spat where Paul called JiDion a “two-faced b*tch.”

JiDion left Logan Paul’s Prime Squad because he “didn’t feel appreciated”

In an August 24 live stream, JiDion claimed that he’d actually left Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME brand after feeling unappreciated by the two creators, who signed him to their ‘Prime Squad’ back in summer 2022.

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“Bro, I went this fucking hard for PRIME, where I literally risked maybe getting f*cking sued out my a**hole by Pepsi for sneaking into Gatorade HQ,” he said, referencing a prank video he’d made.

“So, for Logan Paul to call me corny, a corny-ass live streamer, was I corny when I made that video for PRIME, Logan? Was that video corny?”

“I get sh*t on for joining PRIME. Then, I get sh*t on for moving seats when someone I thought was a friend asked me to move seats. Then, when I retaliate just a little bit because your brother comes at me… nah, f*ck that, bro.”

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“I didn’t badmouth nobody. I just left. I didn’t feel wanted and I didn’t feel appreciated. I removed myself from the situation in the least drama-filled way possible.”

JiDion has made it clear that he empathizes with Logan to an extent regarding his ongoing feud with Danis, but it doesn’t look like things will be simmering down for these two influencers any time soon.

For now, Logan has yet to speak on his spat with JiDion — but he has finally addressed Danis’s tweets about his fiance, saying he isn’t “fazed” by Dillon’s taunts.

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