JiDion calls out Joe Weller for a boxing match on KSI’s next undercard

Shay Robson

Streamer and YouTuber JiDion is eyeing up a fight with Joe Weller on the undercard of KSI’s next fight.

After almost three years away, on August 27 we saw the British YouTube star step back in the ring for not only one, but two fights in one night.

However, many will debate the undercard fights stole the show, with the likes of Deji vs Fousey and Slim vs Temperrr putting on a noteworthy performance.

Now, it looks like even more creators are wanting in on influencer boxing, with JiDion looking to step in the ring with Joe Weller on the next undercard.

JiDion speaking on No Jumper YouTube podcast

Following KSI’s second fight of the night, JiDion took to Twitter, revealing he wants to touch gloves with Joe Weller.

“F**K IT I WANNA BOX JOE WELLER WHERE YOU AT B*TCH!!!!,” the YouTuber wrote.

KSI followed up by tagging business partner Logan Paul, asking if he’s down for a Prime Hydration squad card in January.

Of course, the elder Paul brother is up for the challenge as long as he gets to “f**k up” Dillon Danis — who he’s been eyeing up a fight with for quite some time now.

Weller is still yet to respond to the call out. However, JiDion already tweeted that he’ll see his fans in January, so the ball could already be rolling to get a fight setup between the two.

The first and last time we saw Joe Weller putting on the gloves was February 2018 where he faced KSI in the first-ever influencer boxing event. It’ll be almost five years since the YouTube boxing pioneer has stepped in the ring if the fight goes ahead.