KSI mocks potential opponent Dillon Danis’ claims “no one alive” can beat him

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KSI has mocked MMA fighter Dillon Danis’ claims that “no one alive” can beat him.

British YouTuber, rapper and professional boxer KSI is looking to step back in the ring come January, and ‘The Nightmare’ has got a ton of opponents to pick from.

The YouTube star has been linked to potentially fighting the likes of Tyron Woodley, Slim Albaher, or even Dillon Danis.

‘The Nightmare’ even made a bet with Dillon Danis in the event that they fight, which the loser having to shave their hair afterwards. Now, the two are continuing their Twitter feud.

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KSI sparks another Twitter feud with Dillon Danis

In a September 17 tweet, the pro MMA fighter claimed that nobody in the world can beat him, he said: ” “Not a man alive that can beat me… not even on my worst day.” However, KSI hit back, mocking Danis and noting how he’s lost several fights in the past.

“Has the bouncer died then,” he tweeted at Danis, along with an image of ‘Chance’ the bouncer who reportedly forced Danis into submission after he attempted to get into a bar with no identification.

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The YouTuber asked the same question again, as he sared a video of Danis being hit on the head repeatedly in a club. “Has this guy died too?” he wrote.

Danis responded by poking fun at KSI’s hairline, claiming he could audition for a role in the movie Predator.

“After i knock you out at least you can audition to play predator mate,” Danis tweeted. “That is the craziest hairline i have ever seen in my life.”

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Nobody knows if we’ll ever see the two step in the ring together. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be out of question to assume that a fight announcement could be around the corner, with KSI looking to touch gloves again in January.

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