Dillon Danis threatens to leak bombshell picture that could “cancel” Logan Paul fight

Ethan Dean
Dillon Danis Vs Logan Paul TweetYouTube: FULL SEND Podcast/Twitter: Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis has ramped up his beef with Logan Paul by publicly claiming he has a hyper-scandalous photo of Paul’s fiance Nina Agdal. Danis has suggested the image is so shocking, posting it could land him in jail.

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul are set to square off against each other in a boxing match on October 14 on what’s dubbed ‘The Prime Card’. The two have been feuding for years now and in the lead-up to the match, Danis has ramped up his antagonism towards Paul.

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The former MMA fighter has been plastering his Twitter feed with images of Paul’s fiance Nina Agdal and other men in ways that suggest she has been intimate with them. The harassment campaign has caused Paul to turn off his replies on Twitter and allegedly take legal action against Danis.

Danis has posted 27 tweets in the last 12 hours, all referring to Paul and Agdal. In the most recent update to the saga, Danis has claimed he has a photo of Agdal so defamatory that revealing it would get the fight and himself canceled.

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Danis has likened the picture to a weapon of mass destruction in tweets following the initial allegation. “This picture is like a nuclear bomb; the damage it would do would be irreparable,” Danis claimed.

In a possible reference to the alleged cease and desist that Paul sent to Danis, the former jui-jitsu world champion said he might end up in prison. “If I dropped this pic, it would end the fight, end his engagement, and I might even find myself in jail.”

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He’s since promised to send the tweet to Adin Ross during his next stream so fans can gauge his reaction. “I’ll text the picture to [Adin Ross] live on stream so you guys can see his reaction when we do our interview.”

Online provocateur Andrew Tate even weighed in on the situation. Tate claimed that he had seen the image and it would do exactly what Danis claimed it would.

Paul hasn’t publicly responded to any of the swipes at his fiance which Danis says is a sign of weakness. “It’s crazy to think that Logan hasn’t defended his girlfriend even once, except for trying to get my account deleted and sending me a cease and desist letter,” Danis said. “Deep down, the man is a coward.”

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Fight fans will have to wait until October 14 for the two to settle this beef. That is unless Danis does decide to post this “nuclear” photo and have the whole fight canceled.

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