Logan Paul says JiDion apologized for feud and reveals why he really left Prime

Dylan Horetski
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Logan Paul says that JiDion has apologized for their recent feud and also revealed why the YouTube streamer really left Prime.

Earlier in 2023, Logan and Jake Paul were talking to each other when Jake made a joke that rubbed YouTube streamer JiDion the wrong way.

It led to the three influencers going at it for a few months on social media and YouTube, and came to a head with an altercation after a Press Conference for the upcoming Prime Card boxing match.

On Jake Paul’s podcast, Logan revealed JiDion has apologized about the feud and also revealed why the YouTuber left Prime.

Logan says JiDion’s apology took “courage”

After talking about the incident and making it clear that they think JiDion is a “good kid,” Logan revealed that he had apologized.

“JiDion apologized to me, shot me a text in the last week. That took courage, and I appreciated the apology because I really don’t feel like I did anything wrong,” he said.

(Topic starts at 34:15 in video)

After JiDion revealed that he left Prime because he didn’t feel appreciated, many were left to believe that it was a sudden departure from the company.

Logan and Jake spoke about why he left, revealing that JiDion’s contract had ended and he simply didn’t want to renew it.

Regardless, it seems that the group may be on better terms now than they were just a few weeks ago. For more news and other viral stories, head over to check out our coverage.