JiDion slams Logan Paul over suicide forest controversy amid Dillon Danis feud

Virginia Glaze

YouTube prankster JiDion is putting Logan Paul on blast, bringing up his ‘suicide forest’ controversy from 2017 amid his ongoing feud with Dillon Danis.

Logan Paul is beefing with a few prominent people right now, one of them being mixed martial artist Dillon Danis. These two are set to touch gloves in October — and to gear up for their fight, Danis has been antagonizing his opponent on social media.

Over the past few weeks, Danis has been relentlessly posting photos of Paul’s fiance, model Nina Agdal, appearing to imply that she’s slept with a slew of high-profile men. This has caused an avalanche of negative comments toward both Agdal and Paul online.

Amid this feud, Paul has also struck up a beef with fellow YouTuber JiDion, lashing out at the prankster and calling him a “two-faced b*tch” after he reacted to Dillon’s posts, seeming to find them funny (although JiDion did make sure to say that Danis was taking things a bit too far).

Paul later appeared on an episode of Andrew Schulz’s FLAGRANT podcast, where he opened up on his issues with JiDion. Paul claimed that JiDion’s views on Danis and his previous argument with his brother, Jake, are to blame for their current spat — which he thinks is a bit too much.

“You’ve worked with us, with PRIME. You’ve been on my podcast, we’re friends. We have an open dialogue. I even gave you advice for some stuff in your career. Because of these two things that I think were very reasonable, why are you completely flipping to someone who’s an evil human?”

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JiDion puts Logan Paul on blast with scathing comments amid Dillon Danis feud

JiDion reacted to Paul’s comments during a recent live stream, where he appeared to take issue with Logan calling Danis’s antics “evil.” Instead, he brought up Logan’s infamous incident in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘suicide forest’ from late 2017, calling that particular incident “evil.”

“Going at a dude’s wife, I’m not gonna lie, that’s some pretty low stuff. But it’s not f*cking evil. Devious, menacing, yeah. Evil? You filmed a dead body. That’s evil.”

“Realistically speaking, a guy that’s just putting pictures up of your own fiance that are already on the internet — you know, that’s just sh*t talking. You went to a place to find a dead body. Literally, the place is called ‘suicide forest.'”

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Thus far, Paul has yet to respond to JiDion’s latest comments… but JiDion isn’t the only one who’s got a score to settle with the YouTuber.

Recently, Kai Cenat even called out Paul over his feud with JiDion, demanding that he apologize for calling him “two-faced.”