Logan Paul explains why he lashed out at JiDion at press conference: “He really switched up”

Connor Bennett
Logan Paul in black tank top backstage at PRIME press conference arguing

Fresh footage from Logan Paul and JiDion’s backstage argument at the PRIME Card press conference has surfaced, with Logan revealing texts between the two where JiDion “switched up” on him. 

Logan Paul might have his eyes set on fighting Dillon Danis inside the ring on October 14, but, he’s been fighting on a few different fronts in the meantime.

The imPaulsive podcast host has not only clashed with his upcoming opponent, but he’s been beefing with JiDion too. The pair came face-to-face at the first PRIME Card press conference in London, with Logan calling the streamer “two-faced” before they got into a shouting match about his brother, Jake. 

Since then, JiDion has continued things by saying he’s betting Danis to beat Logan and will use any eventual payout to pay back some of the money that investors into Logan’s CryptoZoo project lost. 

Logan Paul reveals texts with JiDion before press conference clash

Well, Mike Majlak – the co-host of the imPaulsive podcast – has now revealed footage from that backstage clash and it includes Logan’s initial reaction to everything. 

After the clash petered out, the YouTuber-turned-wrestler was left a bit confused by what JiDion was saying. “He’s talking about Jake? This man went on a f*cking rampage disparaging Jake and I stood up for him,” Logan said. 

“When I texted him I was like ‘bro, you went too far with Jake’ and that’s when he really switched up. I said ‘too far with Jake man, wanted to let you know I found your reaction inappropriate, there’s a better way to handle things’ and he sent a voice message. I was like ‘all love’ and that’s when he switched up. He just doesn’t like being called out.”

Timestamp of 9:10

The fresh footage didn’t reveal anything else from that clash as Majlak’s vlog quickly moved on to PRIME’s recent with Erling Haaland as their newest PRIME athlete. 

It remains to be seen if anything else will surface or if Logan and JiDion will continue trading shots from afar.