JiDion promises to “disprove” Tommyinnit harassment claims after TwitchCon ban

JiDion TommyInnit Harassment headerInstagram: Jidion, Tommyinnit

JiDion is denying the claims that he was harassing Tommyinnit fans during a recent meet and greet at TwitchCon, revealing he has a video dropping next week that will “disprove all of this.”

In a recent social media post, JiDion has hit back against those who are saying he harassed Tommyinnit fans during the recent TwitchCon 2022 event. His July 21 message typed out on a notes page began by stating how disappointed he is of being accused of this negative behavior.

“It really sucks that there is an article and a huge Twitch streamer going around saying I harassed and bullied kids in a meet and greet line,” was how JiDion’s response opened. He then went on to say that the coverage and conversation surrounding the incident is “so far from the truth.” 

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However, JiDion then went on to state he has proof to debunk the notion that he was acting inappropriately at TwitchCon. “Video drops next week and it disproves all of the lies on my name.”

He then rounded off his response by calling out those who have encouraged the idea that he was bullying kids. When his videos drops, he assumes those people will still not “apologize”. Lastly, he jokingly stated, “[I’m gonna] try to go the month of August with no drama but it’s getting hard.”

TwitchCon Amsterdam is a massive event that took place on July 15 and 16. It brought thousands of people together and was the first time the event has been held in person since 2019.

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On his July 19 stream, Tommyinnit was discussing the incident that took place during his TwitchCon meet and greet in which his fans were reportedly being harassed by fellow content creator JiDion. As a result, JiDion has know been banned from the event.

“During my Meet and Greet, this f*cking troll creator shoved into the line and started being a d*ck to you lot. Being super rude, and just a f*king prick,” he said.

This is not the first ban for JiDion or the first time he has been accused of harassment. In January 2022, he was given a perma ban on Twitch for encouraging a hate raid of popular Pokimane.

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For those interested in how this continues to play out, we’ll be sure to update you when JiDion does upload his response video.