TommyInnit “pissed” at Jidion over TwitchCon harassment

Dylan Horetski
TommyInnit Twitch meet and greet

Twitch streamer TommyInnit reacted to Jidion storming his meet & greet at TwitchCon during a stream on July 19, and he’s pissed.

TwitchCon Amsterdam took place on July 15 and 16, bringing thousands of people together for the first time since 2019.

During the event, TommyInnit held a meet and greet with his fans. While doing so, a creator decided to storm and “harass” his fans in line, with many people claiming it was JiDion.

Tommy reacted to the situation during a recent stream, explaining that he’s “pissed” that it happened.

Tommyinnit reacts to JiDion storming his line

Tommy addressed the situation that happened during his TwitchCon Meet & Greet during his stream on July 19. He explained that it’s super cool that he was able to hang out with his fans, but he wanted to talk about what happened.

“During my Meet and Greet, this f*cking troll creator shoved into the line and started being a d*ck to you lot. Being super rude, and just a f*king prick,” he said.

“First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t see him earlier and sort him out. I spent a lot of time with Twitch staff figuring things out because I didn’t really know what to do.”

Tommy also said that he planned on getting ahold of the creator after his stream since they recorded all of it without consent, and hopes that they will refrain from posting any of the footage.

He added: “This happened, we had some dude shouting at you and just being mean for no purpose… it really threw me off. I was really sad and angry about it.

“I wasn’t planning on talking about any of this publicly, but it made me actually pissed.”

At the time of writing, JiDion has not responded to any comments about the situation… but we’ll be sure to update if he does.

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