Jidion’s TwitchCon ban is the tip of a malicious iceberg

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Self-proclaimed comedian Jidion was recently kicked out of TwitchCon EU after attendees complained of harassment from the YouTube star – but this is just the latest controversial stunt the creator has conducted for the sake of his malicious content.

Jidon ‘Jidion’ Adams was permanently banned from Twitch earlier this year after orchestrating a ‘hate raid’ against popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. This led to the female streamer receiving volleys of inappropriate comments on social media and during her streams.

Facing severe backlash, Jidion apologized and even met with Pokimane to make up over a Chick-Fil-A mukbang collab. In their video, Anys said that she didn’t think Jidion was a sexist or a misogynist, and stated, “I think you exhibited certain behaviors or said certain things that you didn’t realize are kinda sexist.”

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From here, it was expected that Jidion’s “out of pocket” comments would happen less frequently as his apology made it seem as if he realized the damage his words caused. However, instead of growing away from obscene shock value “comedy,” Jidion has turned it into his brand regularly harassing attendees at public events in hopes of making “banger videos.”

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Jidion kicked out of TwitchCon EU

Despite his permanent platform ban, Jidion made it into TwitchCon EU on day two of the event. Heading into the convention with content in the forefront of his mind, it was inevitable that Jidion would ruin the event for some attendants.

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It’s unclear what actually happened at TwitchCon, and we likely won’t know the full details until Jidion posts the video of the event that he promised on Instagram live. That said, several people claiming to be at TwitchCon EU have already shared what they witnessed.

During the TommyInnit meet and greet, one of the convention’s main events, Jidion allegedly harassed fans waiting in line. Tommy fans feared for his younger audience stating, “[Jidion] also made weird comments about how everyone in the line was girls and ‘good for Tommy’.”

While witnesses stated that staff did not reprimand Jidion for harassing convention goers, he ultimately was kicked out of the venue. His TwitchCon badge had been confiscated and he was no longer allowed inside, but that was after he spent four hours getting footage for an upcoming video. If it’s anything like his recent content, we can expect obnoxious and inappropriate behavior intended to disrupt the occasion.

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Not his first rodeo

Making people uncomfortable and being removed from events is par for the course for Jidion. It’s his shtick, and he often makes headlines for his shocking actions with every new upload.

Some of Jidion’s content is genuinely entertaining. His NBA courtside haircut is a notable video that was shocking, unique, and didn’t come at the cost of ruining someone else’s experience. Sadly, these are rarities among Jidion’s uploads.

In the past three months, Jidion has terrorized bowling alleys, mall employees, a furry convention, a professional tennis match, a restaurant, and more. Each video features the creator causing unwanted distress in pursuit of internet fame, and he rarely shows himself making amends with those he has annoyed.

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Time and time again security guards are brought in to escort Jidion out of an event after attendees complain about Jidion “making them feel uncomfortable.” While comedy is subjective, these altercations are more embarrassing than they are funny.

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Is it Jidion’s fault?

To Jidion, everything is a joke, but it’s these exact situations that have made him viral. From getting kicked out of Wimbledon to being escorted out of a furry convention, other people’s discomfort is clearly his comfort zone. And it’s working for him as he gets over 3 million views on each video he posts.

Not everyone wants to be part of a prank. This was clearly demonstrated by Jidion’s ban from TwitchCon EU after attendees complained that he was “harassing” fans there. It’s not about not being able to take a joke, though, as some have argued online — it’s about common courtesy and respecting people’s autonomy to not be part of a video without their consent.

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But what’s interesting is the lack of accountability Jidion has for his actions. When he harassed a well-known and beloved creator, Pokimane, he was scorned by the internet. But now that he has taken to tormenting anonymous individuals, nobody seems to care.

Take Logan Paul for example. Ignoring the incident involving a deceased body, he also received a lot of pushback after his immature and disrespectful actions while visiting Japan. While he hasn’t been the most favored creator, he has exhibited immense growth since then.

So no, I don’t think Jidion is solely to blame for the success of his offensive content. There hasn’t been any real pushback from fellow creators – or YouTube for that matter – regarding his videos. In a perfect world, Jidion would use his boisterous personality to create entertaining content that doesn’t rely on ruining experiences for other real living human beings.

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