JiDion accused of storming TommyInnit event at TwitchCon and “harassing” fans

Sam Comrie
an image of jidion and tommyinnit

Banned Twitch streamer JiDion allegedly disrupted Tommyinnit’s meet and greet event at TwitchCon.

Before JiDion was ejected from TwitchCon EU completely, the banned streamer reportedly was spotted at TommyInnit’s meet and greet event.

While fans of the Minecraft content creator waited to get a moment the YouTube’s time, JiDion was allegedly spotted displaying antagonistic behavior towards those waiting in line.

Tommyinnit fans claim JiDion was “harassing people”

According to reports from attendees of TwitchCon EU, JiDion was making fans of Tommyinnit uncomfortable for a considerable amount of time before facing any action. Twitter user @cgoldenboyz said JiDion was “harassing people and being a freak in Tommy’s meet and greet line.”

The Tweeter noted that JiDion is “literally banned on Twitch and they still wouldn’t reprimand him.”

“He also made weird comments about how everyone in the line was girls and ‘good for Tommy,” they added.


Concerned Tommyinnit fans shared their worries too, with one commenter saying: “I’m scared for younger fans.”

Defenders of JiDion spoke up too, claiming that the creator’s actions were “all satire” because “he makes videos of him being a dumba**” as a “character.”

However, Twitter user @restingmoss disputed this by responding “being pestered by a man most likely 5+ years older than them” was disrespectful.

Though it took some time to confirm JiDion’s appearance among attendees, others later corroborated his actions as the former Twitch streamer capture his antics via Instagram Live.

In the video, JiDion clarified “they already took my badge and everything, its all good though, we got in and got a banger video.”

The ex-Twitch streamer explained that the footage would be uploaded in the next “three weeks.”

Before he was removed from TwitchCon EU, the creator was also seen interacting with the likes of Hasan too.