Jeffree Star surrounded by cops during TikTok live stream swatting

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YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star was swatted during a TikTok live stream, leaving him furious as he was surrounded by cops on the doorstep of his ranch.

Jeffree Star is one of YouTube’s OG beauty gurus and a major name in the makeup industry, boasting his very own makeup brand, ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics.’

Star has made a major shift in his life since rising to prominence in the late 2010s, most notably selling his lavish Hidden Hills mansion in favor of a 500-acre ranch in Wyoming back in 2021, where he raises Yaks.

The YouTuber was clear that he’d chosen this lifestyle as a way to decompress from the stress of Los Angeles living — but it looks like his quiet country casa was interrupted in a major way on June 13.

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star is one of YouTube’s most famous beauty gurus who owns his own makeup brand.

Jeffree Star swatted during TikTok live stream

That night, Star was live with some friends on TikTok when he revealed that he’d been swatted. Fans could clearly see red and blue lights from police cars flashing on his face as he waited outside the front gate of his property, explaining the situation.

According to Star, someone watching the stream must have swatted him — and he wasn’t happy about it.

“Me and my assistant are at my house, cozy, chillin’, and someone did a fake police call,” he explained. “There’s a police car, an ambulance, saying ‘Shots fired.’ You guys, I’m not kidding. Look. Someone watching this did a fake cop call on me, saying there were shots fired at my ranch.”

“Whoever swatted me, you’re a stupid motherf*cker,” Star continued. “It’s funny as f*ck, but it’s also really not.”

While it’s unclear what the motive was behind this swatting, this wouldn’t be the first time Star has caught the ire of someone on the internet. Back in February, the makeup artist came under fire after making divisive comments about trans and nonbinary people during a podcast episode that went viral.

Star is also far from the only online creator to become a victim of swatting, with a slew of top influencers and streamers like IShowSpeed, H3H3, and more having to deal with the stressful situation as a result of their careers.

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