Jynxzi suddenly ends Twitch stream after being swatted

Virginia Glaze

Rising Twitch star Jynxzi has spoken out after he was forced to end a stream early due to a swatting at his home.

Jynxzi is a prominent streamer on Twitch who skyrocketed to fame in 2023, taking home Best Breakthrough Streamer and Gamer of the Year at the 2024 Streamer Awards.

There are plenty of eyes on Jynxzi, who boasts over five million followers on Twitch… viewers who got a front-row seat to watch the streamer’s first-hand reaction to being swatted.

On March 28, Jynxzi alerted his viewers that he had some “weird sh*t going on” during a Rainbow 6 Siege broadcast.

“I gotta deal with it,” he said. “Someone’s just — I’m not even gonna explain it. It’s just weird. I can’t really stream, because it’s kind of important. But yeah, I got some weird sh*t going on.”

“Let’s just say there’s literal police officers at my gate right now, so I gotta go deal with that,” he continued. “I’m sorry bro. I’ll be back tomorrow. This sh*t is so weird.”

Later that evening, the streamer addressed the situation in a post on X, writing: “I just wanna play video games, man.”

Jynxzi is far from the first content creator to be a victim of swatting. Numerous streamers have fallen victim to the scheme over the years, with the likes of Adin Ross, IShowSpeed, and even Kai Cenat getting swatted by nefarious viewers.

It’s a frustrating phenomena that has endangered the lives of creators, sometimes happening so often that they have special arrangements with local law enforcement, such as Ethan and Hila Klein of the H3H3 podcast who eventually got their serial swatter arrested.

In the United States, swatting is a serious federal crime that can result in years — or even life — in prison for the swatter. 

Thus far, no further information has been divulged about Jynxzi’s swatting, but fans are giving the streamer and outpouring of support on social media following the harrowing incident.