Ac7ionMan swatted on Kick as police restrain him at gunpoint

Shay Robson

Controversial Kick streamer Ac7ionMan was held at gun point by police officers as he bragged about his sub count after being swatted live on stream.

Ac7ionMan has become a prominent creator in the streaming world, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitch and Kick — although not without controversy.

Ac7ionMan has previously come under fire for poking fun at another streamer’s deceased father live on stream on Father’s Day.

Not only that, the 34-year-old, whose real name is Aaron Travis, was recently arrested on numerous felony drug charges by Miami law enforcement after being in possession of cocaine and tramadol in October 2023.

Ac7ionMan brags about his follower count after being swatted

While streamers being swatted isn’t uncommon, during a broadcast on January 8, Ac7ionMan was swatted while live on Kick.

Bizarrely the 34-year-old began boasting about his follower count to the authorities. As the officers instructed him on what to do he attempted to explain that he was a “famous YouTuber.”

“I’m a famous YouTuber. It’s just me and my buddy making content,” he said. “Do you guys want me to come out? Ma’am, I’m a famous YouTuber, Ma’am I have three million subscribers.”

He added: “I’m not trying to disrespect you I’m sorry. Yes Ma’am I apologize, I’m a YouTuber.”

Afterward, Ac7ionMan can be heard arguing with the officers, where the streamer tried to explain that it was a prank call made by one of his 20,000 viewers watching live in an attempt to troll him.

However, despite his attempts to try and explain the situation, the authorities didn’t quite seem to understand.

It isn’t the first Ac7ionMan has been swatted by trolls, and likely won’t be the last either. Regardless, thankfully, nobody was hurt.