Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas swatted during live broadcast

Ethan Klein Trisha Paytas swattedYouTube: H3 Podcast

Ethan Klein of comedy duo H3H3 and YouTube star Trisha Paytas were victims of a swatting attempt, which occurred live during a March 23 broadcast — but Klein didn’t seem fazed by the incident, at all.

In the age of social media, swatting is becoming all too common an occurrence for high-profile content creators, who are often targeted by disgruntled critics or internet trolls.

Swatting refers to a very serious type of harassment, in which someone will deceive an emergency dispatcher to send a large amount of armed law enforcement officers to someone’s home under the guise of immediate danger, claiming a murder, robbery, or other such crime is taking place.

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These types of calls have resulted in serious injury and even death to the intended target, and are even criminal offenses in the United States and Brazil — but that isn’t stopping some angry critics from repeatedly swatting Ethan Klein.

Ethan Klein reacts to swatting liveYouTube: H3 Podcast
Ethan Klein stated that he has been swatted numerous times in the past.

During a March 23 episode of their “Frenemies” podcast, H3H3’s Ethan Klein and YouTuber Trisha Paytas were swatted, resulting in a surprisingly chill phone call between Klein and law enforcement that went down as fans were watching.

“Yeah, we’re okay,” Klein said after answering the phone. “I know we’re just — I keep getting swatted, so… yeah, everything’s just fine over here. Thanks for calling!”

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“We just got swatted,” he laughingly told Paytas after hanging up. “It’s been happening so much now that they just call me and be like, ‘Are you okay? We just got a call.’ Because then, if I don’t answer, they have to come.”

“I’m just trying to be calm about it,” he continued. “Obviously, it’s annoying. It’s happening like, a lot. But at least now, it’s like, cool. They call me immediately, but if I don’t answer, they come.”

As Klein stated, this is far from the first time he’s been swatted; the comedian has been the victim of such attempts numerous times in the past, the latest when his mother-in-law was visiting from Israel.

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Luckily, Klein has good rapport with his local authorities, although that doesn’t make the situation any less grim for him and his family.