Adriana Chechik claims she is forced to move after being swatted multiple times

Michael Gwilliam
Adriana Chechik poses for modeling

Twitch star Adriana Chechik says she is going to have to move houses following multiple terrifying swatting incidents.

Adriana Chechik has been dealing with swatting for quite awhile now, but things have escalated to the point where the Twitch streamer is convinced she’s going to need to pack up and leave her home.

The swatting issues were first addressed back in December of 2022 as she was recovering from a nasty back injury after jumping into a foam pit at San Diego TwitchCon in October.

“The cops know me now. We legit talk about our life because this happens so much,” she said months ago, and in the time since, things have gotten a lot worse.

Adriana Chechik forced to move after nonstop swatting incidents

In a post on Twitter, the actress and streamer revealed that in total she had to deal with 12 separate calls to authorities that resulted in both police and firefighters showing up to her house.

“Y’all suck so hard. I’m gonna have to move with this swatting sh*t. Grow up,” she blasted. “You are literally taking police who should be helping people and having them swat me? 8x and 4x for firefighters to come is beyond childish.”

Chechik didn’t elaborate on when she would be moving or where to, but in the comments, users suggested that she hire a lawyer and private investigator to sue the city for its “inadequate response” and those swatting her.

However, it seems like the streamer has taken those steps, as she replied to the user’s advice that she was “already on it,” indicating that she’s trying to find out who has been swatting her.

So far, it doesn’t seem like her swatters have been caught, but hopefully she can get to the bottom of this before someone ends up getting seriously hurt over these repeated calls to police and the fire department.