Kick streamer swarmed by 50 cops after false swatting report for armed robbery

Eleni Thomas
Kick Sam Frank swatted

Kick streamer Samantha Frank was swatted during a recent live, with 50 police officers converging on her location after an “armed robbery” was falsely reported.

Swatting has become an evergrowing issue within the content creator space, YouTuber IShowSpeed even threatened to quit streaming after he was swatted twice in one week after just moving into his new home.

Being “swatted” refers to when someone makes a hoax phone call to emergency services and alerts them that a serious or violent altercation is occurring at the address of the targeted content creator. 

What then follows is an armed presence arriving at the streamer’s house, these moments are often caught on camera and on a live stream in front of thousands of viewers.

Kick streamer Samantha Frank got swatted during a recent stream, the content creator was swarmed by 50 police officers who arrived at their house after being called to investigate an “armed robbery” at the address. The video was shared on X by ‘KickStreamNews‘.

Kick Sam Frank swatting
Sam Frank had 50 police officers arrive at her door after being swatted

While on stream, the police arrived at Frank’s location, entering and stating, “Someone called and said there was an armed robbery at this property.”

After realizing that there were 50 police officers, Frank was quick to apologize for the situation and explained that they had tried to prevent the swatting by calling up.

“I’m really sorry sir, we actually tried to call in advance, someone is just trying to f**k with us, mess with us and I’m really sorry.”

The officer then added that the prank call was “not funny at all” before diving into an explanation as to how Samantha Frank and other streamers can try to help prevent similar swatting incidents from occurring in the future.

“Well if you know it’s going to happen just call 911 and advise, if you receive any armed robbery calls for this location, be advised it could be a prank because it’s happened before, at least let us know there is a possibility it’s not real cause we had no idea.”

After cleaning things up, the police left the property, however, Frank was still visibly distraught and upset by the intrusion.

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