IShowSpeed furious after being swatted on live stream in new home

IShowSpeed swatted headerYouTube:IShowSpeed

YouTuber IShowSpeed has been swatted once again, and is now warning viewers against swatting after he “could have really died.”

When it comes to the safety and security of major streamers, swatting has become an ever-looming issue. 

For those who may not be familiar with the term, swatting is when someone makes a fake call to emergency services, typically police, and gives out the address of an unsuspecting victim. The result is that a large number of armed police officers then arrive at the address they give out.

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For YouTube streamer IShowSpeed, the content creator was once again swatted on stream, with his chat and viewers witnessing his realization and frustration at the moment.

While on stream, Speed can be seen looking around and alarmed before realizing he is being swatted.

“Omg, omg, omg. Bro, just for my safety in case anything happens. Ain’t no f**king way bro.”

Speed then proceeds to take his headphones off, pull down the screen behind his streaming setup, and promise that he’ll be “right back” before heading off to deal with the situation.

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What’s more, this swatting comes just days after Speed showed off his new 10 million dollar house which he had just purchased and made the move to.

Several streamers, including IShowSpeed, Adin Ross, and xQc have been the subjects of swatting during their live streams.

In August 2022, Speed was handcuffed by police officers after his home was swatted in the middle of his livestream. Similarly, Kick streamer Adin Ross was swatted live on air, with armed police entering his home, and was understandably traumatized by the experience.

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With this becoming a common occurrence throughout the streaming space, many popular content creators are calling for more action to be taken to prevent this from happening to them.

Speed later took to Snapchat to share an update, warning viewers against swatting considering the dangers.

“I just got swatted. I wish I knew whoever did that. That’s f***ed up. Don’t ever do that again in your life, bro. I could have really died. I had guns to my face. Don’t ever do that again.”

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