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Jeffree Star hits back at accusations of “stealing” someone’s husband

Published: 29/Aug/2020 12:05

by Georgina Smith


Beauty business mogul and YouTuber Jeffree Star has hit out against accusations that he was romantically involved with a married man, after he began posting pictures of him and a new partner.

Jeffree Star has a huge online presence, with over 17 million subscribers on YouTube and his successful makeup brand Jeffree Star cosmetics. Ever since his involvement in Shane Dawson’s “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” series, fans have taken even more of an interest into Jeffree’s romantic life.

Nathan Schwandt was Jeffree Star’s boyfriend from 2015, and the pair received a significant amount of criticism relating to the idea that Nathan was supposedly in the relationship for Jeffree Star’s wealth, which they addressed in Shane Dawson’s documentary.


Jeffree Star, Instagram
Since Star opened up about the drama, fans have been highly critial of Schwandt, with some even accusing him of using Star for his money.

While the couple seemed to be going strong, they shocked the internet in January when they announced that they were breaking up just weeks after moving into a $14.6 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California.

In August, Jeffree began posting pictures of romantic poses with a new man, in one picture sitting on his lap with both of their faces concealed.

Internet detectives quickly got to work, and discovered that the man was professional basketball player Andre Marhold, who many believe is already married to a woman due to social media posts by his supposed wife saying he “ruined the whole family.”


Jeffree didn’t take kindly to these claims, and hit back at the reports via an Instagram story. “The person I am hanging out with has never been married. He’s not married. I didn’t steal anyone’s f**king husband.”

He also took to Twitter to tell people that “I don’t hang out with married men,” and also brought up people’s reactions to him and ex-boyfriend Nathan in previous years, saying that he’s “so bored of that rhetoric” that “he’s only with you for the money.”

While the full story has yet to emerge, Jeffree has hinted that “marriage licenses are public record” so there may be more evidence regarding Andre’s backstory to come.