Jeff Wittek claims Old Spice stole his Barbershop concept after David Dobrik controversy

. 1 year ago
Jeff Wittek on his podcast
YouTube: JEFF FM

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has claimed that after the Vlog Squad controversy, amid which he was dropped by sponsor Old Spice, the company went on ‘steal’ his iconic Barbershop concept.

In February, hugely popular vlogger David Dobrik came under fire after former Vlog Squad member Seth Francois spoke about ‘makeout pranks’ he did for the vlogs, claiming they were “traumatizing.”

Member Dominykas Zeglaitis a.k.a. Durte Dom was then accused of sexual assault, with David coming under fire for uploading footage from that night in a vlog. In an apology video he said: “I fully believe the woman that came out against Dom and said she was sexually assaulted by him,” adding, “I got consent to post the video, but even though I got consent, I should have never posted it.”

The creator rapidly started to lose not only subscribers but also countless key sponsors including EA, HBO, Bumble and more. This also extended to other members of the group including Jeff Wittek.

David Dobrik apology
YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik came under intense scrutiny for his apology videos.

Now, on an episode of his podcast with guest Scotty Sire, Jeff has accused former sponsor Old Spice of copying one of his most popular series.

“Old Spice dropped me hard,” he said, “and that was a big, big sponsor, that was our biggest one ever, that was a dream come true when I had got it because I always wanted to make comedy commercials like Old Spice, I loved them.”

Topic starts at 3:11

However, Jeff explained that them dropping him wasn’t the end of the story. “They didn’t just fire me, they stole my intellectual property, and tried to recreate it and do a sh*ttier version.”

They pulled up a promotional video for Old Spice’s new Barbershop, which appears to have similarities to his hugely popular ‘Jeff’s Barbershop’ series in which he would cut people’s hair and interview them.

Jeff added: “So yeah, f**k those motherf**kers, they didn’t just fire me, when I was at my worst and just caught up in somebody else’s f**king mistakes. I will not just be a pushover here, and let you take my sh*t and walk away, obviously.”

The YouTuber recently had huge success with his series documenting his recovery following a serious eye injury, due to a Vlog Squad excavator accident that many blamed David Dobrik for.

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