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Logan Paul’s MMA debut could happen soon, but not in the UFC

Published: 11/Jun/2021 10:26

by Connor Bennett


Bellator boss Scott Coker is open to having Logan Paul make his MMA debut with his promotion, suggesting there might be a few “interesting” fights for the YouTuber there.

Logan Paul and his brother Jake have helped take YouTube boxing to the next level, stepping away from fighting fellow content creators and fighting actual athletes. Logan even went the distance with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in their controversial exhibition bout.

The pair have also made it known that they’d consider swapping boxing’s squared circle for the octagon and get involved with some mixed martial arts.

While UFC boss Dana White has constantly railed against the Paul’s fights, saying he wouldn’t be open to working with Jake, there are some MMA promotions that would welcome them with open arms, and have already spoken to Logan about it.


Instagram: loganpaul
Logan and his brother, Jake, have started to take on the boxing world in recent years.

That’s right, if Logan wants to get involved with MMA and the UFC won’t take him, well, Bellator will. Speaking to MMA Junkie, Bellator boss Scott Coker said he’d “absolutely” have Logan fight.

“Listen, these kids are athletic,” Coker told MMA Junkie. “They’re getting better, but they have a good striking game with their hands. They have a good wrestling background and started learning jujitsu. We’d put them in there with people of their record and their experience level.

“I think we’d have some really interesting fights. Let me tell you, everybody and their uncle will want to fight these guys. I’ve already been getting calls all day.” Coker said that while the Paul’s have signed up to fights on Showtime – Bellator’s partner – they aren’t signed up for MMA just yet.


Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul
Amanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan took Floyd Mayweather to a draw, so could his next bout be in MMA?

“They bring a lot of hype. They bring a lot to the game, and they create a lot of excitement,” Coker added. “Look at what they did for that exhibition with Floyd. It created a lot of excitement.”

Prior to becoming a social media phenomenon, Logan was a talented wrestler, so already has some base for MMA. Whether he actually gets involved, though, remains to be seen.