David Dobrik loses over 2.3 billion YouTube views and 400K subs amid ongoing controversy

David Dobrik YouTube statsDavid Dobrik/YouTube

It’s been a rough week for YouTuber David Dobrik amid the ongoing Vlog Squad controversy, and it’s now been revealed that the whole situation has already cost his channel billions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

A host of allegations of sexual assault, bullying and harassment have come out against Dobrik and his Vlog Squad this week, with major sponsors backing out and even YouTube demonetizing all of his channels on the site.

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While Dobrik has already issued multiple apologies, that obviously hasn’t been enough to save his channel stats from suffering due to the backlash from fans, according to some new information.

YouTube: David Dobrik
David Dobrik faces a range of allegations related to bullying and sexual misconduct in some of his old content.

According to data from Saturday, March 27 found on SocialBlade.com, and shared by YouTuber Def Noodles, Dobrik’s main YouTube channel has lost more than 2.3 billion combined video views due to him removing and deleting old content.

That’s more pairs of eyes than most YouTubers will ever see on their videos, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg of how bad he’s been hit.

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When it comes to subscribers, a typical measure for how popular certain YouTubers are, SocialBlade reveals that he’s lost more than 400,000 since Marcy 17 alone, going from just under 18.9 million to 18.5 million in just a few days.

On top of all of that, according to SocialBlade, the estimated dollar amount of all of those lost views is anywhere between $574,300 – $9.2 million. That’s not saying Dobrik is suddenly financially ruined by any means, since the videos being removed are all old, but it does go to show how much this whole thing could end up hurting him.

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David Dobrik YouTube statsSocialBlade
Stats showing how many views, subscribers, and how much money Dobrik is losing due to the backlash.

Fewer subscribers means fewer people being notified about your content, which could very well result in lower views per video for Dobrik if he keeps bleeding hundreds of thousands of subs at a time.

That’s not even taking into consideration YouTube demonetizing every single one of his channels due to the controversy over old Vlog Squad videos, as we mentioned before, which happened without any kind of indication that it could be reversed soon.

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Dobrik isn’t the first YouTube star to have their past videos catch up with them and have their channel suffer as a result, just take Shane Dawson as an example. If things go anything like we’ve seen before, he could have a hard time getting those lost viewers and revenue back.

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