James Charles’ old Twitter account rediscovered after tweeting racial slur at Jeffree Star

Bill Cooney. Last updated: May 08, 2021
James Charles

James Charles’ rough 2021 has taken an interesting turn as users on YouTube rediscovered an ancient Twitter account of his that suddenly had activity in the last year.

Due to the controversy surrounding Charles’ recent grooming allegations, the social media star hasn’t been posting very much at all.

With nothing new to keep the timeline flowing, folks have started to go back to his older content and some enterprising users on YouTube managed to discover something very interesting in the form of James’ old Twitter Account with some interesting recent activity.

On his current YouTube channel’s very first video, someone discovered that the Twitter account @jamesscharless, which the influencer stopped using years ago, had been active as recently as 2020.

Back in September of that year, as users discovered, it had direct-tweeted a racial slur at Jeffree star. That was the account’s only other post besides one directing users to Charles’ new account, so it wasn’t hard to find.

It’s not immediately clear though who posted that tweet since it’s obviously not Charles; speculation is that the account was probably hacked since it hadn’t tweeted in the four years prior.

Sure enough, just a few hours after video and TikToks of the old account’s tweet started to appear, it was wiped of everything, appearing as completely empty at the time of writing this article.

James Charles next to the YouTube logo
James Charles YouTube
Having his old Twitter account hacked is the latest setback to happen to the YouTuber.

James obviously hasn’t responded to his old Twitter account apparently being compromise and, based on the way he seems to be handling things with his social media lately, it’s unlikely that he will.

It’s been rumored that Charles will eventually try to make a comeback, according to Noah Beck and some other YouTubers, and if he does it’s probably a good idea to make sure all of his accounts are safely locked down.