TikToker handed 2-month prison sentence for punching bamboo fence in Thailand

Dylan Horetski
bamboo fence tiktok

TikToker Tom Birchy says that he was sentenced to two months in prison for punching a bamboo fence in Thailand, but the sentence has been suspended.

With over 400,000 followers on TikTok, Tom Birchy has made a name for himself as “Your man in Thailand,” traveling around the country and uploading tons of videos involving his day-to-day life.

According to his video, Tom punched through a bamboo fence while exploring the country and was charged with mischief by local authorities.

The TikToker pleaded guilty to the charge and was given a two-month suspended prison sentence on May 2, 2024, meaning he doesn’t have to serve time in prison.

“Pretty wild. I went to the Thai court and I already plead guilty so it was a pretty quick thing. Just to save time and energy because there was a video of me punching through this bamboo fence,” he said.

“I got a small fine and a two-month prison sentence. I did do a stupid thing, I punched through a bamboo fence and that’s a crime pretty much anywhere in the world.”

Birchy went on to explain that despite the incident, he still enjoys being in Thailand and will continue living and running his business in the country.

The TikToker’s video revealing the sentence quickly went viral, amassing hundreds of reactions from users in the comments.

“Good job taking accountability. That’s something people don’t have anymore. Keep going forward man you got it,” one user praised.

Another commented: “Apologizing & Taking it like a man and just dealing with it. Respectable.”

The suspended sentence doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods just yet, though. For the next two months, Tom must stay out of trouble with the law, or else he will have to spend the two-month sentence in prison on top of the punishment for whatever new crime he may have committed.

Tom isn’t the first TikToker to go viral after getting in trouble with the law, either. The likes of Bryce Hall, itsQCP, and Alex Danyel have all been arrested in the past.

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