What do Bunny, Cat, Deer, & Fox mean? Viral TikTok trend explained

Screenshots from TikTok's bunny, cat, deer, fox trendTikTok

TikTokers have been describing themselves as a ‘Bunny, Cat, Deer, or Fox’ in a brand new trend, but it also confused others. Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Over the last year or so, there have been plenty of trends on TikTok that have seen users start using their own language to describe something.

Some of these have stemmed from quiz answers and even been taken from other platforms like Instagram, but they’ve all got one thing in common, they typically confuse those users who may be out of the loop. 

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Well, in recent days, there has been a new one of these coded trends going viral, with users describing themselves as either a ‘Bunny, Cat, Deer, or Fox’. Though, it’s not actually that confusing once you look into it. 

What is TikTok’s Bunny, Cat, Deer, or Fox trend?

For this trend, you don’t have to consult a quiz to get your answer, as the answer is actually just what you think. 

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The four animal names are just codes for your personality as they’re based on how the actual animals act. A cat can be seen as outgoing and dominant, a bunny is social and curious, a deer is wary, and a fox is someone who is mischievous. 

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Other TikTokers have tried to relate it to their looks as well, suggesting they look like the animals, but the trend has been pretty focused on personalities instead. 

You can find the full descriptions of each animal below:

  • Bunny: Silly, timid, curious, high-spirited, social, affectionate
  • Cat: Outgoing, dominant, spontaneous, impulsive
  • Deer: Shy, wary, quiet, nervous, observant, peaceful
  • Fox: Sly, mischievous, intelligent, determined

The trend isn’t likely to go away all that quickly, but at least you’ll no longer be confused when you see someone describing themselves as a Deer on your For You Page.

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