How to use auto scroll on TikTok

Connor Bennett
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TikTok quietly introduced a long-awaited auto-scroll feature for millions of users in 2023. But how exactly do you use it? Here’s everything to know.

As TikTok has become a staple of many social media users’ routines over the past few years, scrolling through the devoted For You Page can take up some serious time. 

The ByteDance-owned app suggests videos based on those you’ve previously watched and engaged with, meaning there’s always going to be something you’re probably interested in watching. Though, there have been calls to add features to keep users’ interest going even when they’re a little busy.

This included calls for an auto-play and auto-scroll feature. There have been ‘hacks’ to make this work before, but now it has come true.

Steps to activate auto scroll on TikTok

That’s right, TikTok has finally gotten that long-awaited auto-scroll feature, as it rolled out in 2023.

It’s pretty easy to use, you just hold down on a video as if you were going to repost it, and then you select the ‘auto scroll’ button on the left-hand side. Once you’ve done this, you just have to let the videos roll. 

Though, you can swap back to manual scroll at any point by simply replicating the same steps and selecting ‘manual scroll’ instead of ‘auto scroll.’

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Hold down on a video on the FYP.
  3. Click the ‘auto scroll’ button on the left-hand side.
  4. Enjoy the hands-free scrolling!

It has started rolling out to a number of accounts, but if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, don’t worry – it should appear as an option for you before too long. 

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