What happened to The Burger Kitchen after Kitchen Nightmares: Open or closed?

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The Burger Kitchen episode of Kitchen Nightmares was so hyped, with fans rooting for the owners to the point that Gordon Ramsay had to return years later to complete a two-part special. But, did The Burger Kitchen stay open or close down?

The allure of juicy burgers led Gordon Ramsay to the heart of Los Angeles, where Burger Kitchen, led by the ambitious Alan Saffron, awaited a culinary resurrection on Kitchen Nightmares.

The Aussie chef claimed to have the best burger, but viewers quickly learned about some missteps that caused the restaurant’s decline. The restaurant might have had the best burgers but it was steeped in family tension which was pulling it down.

The Burger Kitchen was showcased during Season 5, Episodes 5 and 6, aired in 2011. Keen to see the place recover, Chef Ramsay helped reignite the passion for cooking in Alan to save their financial situation – but did it work?

Burger Kitchen: Open or Closed?

Even the meticulous interventions of Gordon Ramsay couldn’t steer Burger Kitchen away from its doom. The establishment ultimately succumbed to its challenges, closing its doors in February 2012, mere months after the episodes aired.

Viewers were saddened to hear owner Alan Saffron died in April 2020, following a heart attack, at age 71. He served in the Australian army and was a fan-favorite on Kitchen Nightmares.

What happened after Kitchen Nightmares

chef david the burger kitchen
Chef David was at odds with the owners during the episode and impressed Ramsay with a better burger than Alan’s.

The narrative of Burger Kitchen unfolded across two riveting episodes, shedding light on the tumultuous relationship between the owner Alan, his son Daniel, and the interference of Alan’s father.

The drama between the family sapped the morale of the staff, further diminishing the restaurant’s already dwindling reputation.

In the first part of the makeover saga, Ramsay was met with resistance when introducing a simplified, more authentic burger menu. The drama reached a boiling point with financial accusations flying amidst a heated family confrontation.

On top of that, the owners had a fractured relationship with Chef David, who felt he was limited in what he could do under their leadership. In one scene, he impressed Ramsay with his burger skills.

Watch the owner at The Burger Kitchen lose it after Gordon Ramsay reviews his food, in the video below from the Kitchen Nightmares YouTube channel.

As for the second part, with some familial fences mended, Ramsay orchestrated a revamping of the food offerings at Burger Kitchen, injecting fresh hope into the beleaguered establishment.

The Saffrons appreciated the streamlined menu and acknowledged the enhanced burger quality, which brought with it good publicity for the place.

That being said, the newfound harmony and culinary upswing were short-lived as the restaurant’s doors were shuttered soon after, marking a disheartening epilogue to the intense journey of redemption sought on national television.

The saga of Burger Kitchen remains one of the most memorable chapters in the FOX series and shows even Gordon Ramsay’s magic touch can’t save every situation.

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