Smash legend Mango slams Twitch after ban for “sexual content”

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Mango might be a Super Smash Bros Melee god, but his esports divinity hasn’t stopped him from being banned on Twitch for ‘sexual content,’ a move that left him and his fans angry and confused.

Joseph Manuel Marquez, better known as Mang0, is a man who needs no introduction. Described as one of the “five gods” in Super Smash Bros. Melee, he’s been ranked as one of the top five players every year since rankings began in 2013.

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However, he’s also found success outside of his professional career on Twitch. His channel has almost 400,000 followers and 10,000 monthly subscribers, which makes him one of the more popular streamers on the platform.

Naturally, Super Smash Bros. Melee is his most streamed game. However, he also streams everything from Chess to Rocket League and Valorant from time to time. 

But in an interesting turn of events, it seems like he’s been forced to take a short break after being slapped with a surprise ban.

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Twitter: Cloud9
Mang0 has seen and done it all in the Melee scene.

Mang0 broke the news on social media, and it’s clear he’s not thrilled about it. “Banned for 3 days from Twitch for ‘sexual content,’” he wrote in a tweet on March 30. “ROFLLLLLLLLLL. F***ing joke.”

It’s unclear what the specific incident was. Nothing really stood out as overly sexual on his most recent Twitch broadcast. However, some fans believe it was the moment he ‘humped’ a Super Sonico anime figurine, days before.

Mang0 followed up his initial tweet with a reference to the bizarre ‘jacuzzi stream’ trend that recently took over the Just Chatting category, which has been criticized for “sexualizing” women.

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“Damn, LMAOOO,” he wrote, while sharing another stream’s post calling out some of the jacuzzi streams.

It even included a screenshot of a pole dance stream, which many fans pointed out is a better fit for ‘sexual content’ than jokingly ‘humping’ a figurine.

But unfortunately for Mang0, it seems like the trouble doesn’t end with a simple three-day ban. He posted another tweet implying that he’s lost at least one sponsor due to the incident.

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“Someone messaged my business email saying they no longer would like to work with me given the circumstances,” he wrote.

It’s a strange situation that’s gotten him and his fans riled up.

However, although most people think the ban is undeserved, the good news is that it won’t last long. Plus, there’s always a chance it could be revoked.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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