Twitch apologizes to Ryan Higa after wrongful ban for “hateful conduct”

Ryan Higa drinking coffeeInstagram: Ryan Higa / Twitch

Twitch has apologized to Ryan Higa after the streamer was banned briefly for “hateful conduct” on March 25. The wrongful ban was overturned after 20 minutes, but not without questions being raised.

Ryan Higa was streaming Among Us with the OfflineTV crowd on March 25 when a swift end was brought to the shenanigans after his Twitch account was banned.

The 30-year-old Youtube legend, who has been creating content since 2004, was taken aback by the suspension, which was reportedly for “hateful conduct.”

“My stream just ended and I went to go look for an email and that’s what it says,” he said to the rest of the streamers in the Among Us game.

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However, 20 minutes after his account was banned, Twitch quickly reversed their decision.

The platform cited that he was banned by mistake, although they didn’t disclose what went down behind the scenes.

“They sent us an apology guys. It was a wrongful banning. It was identified that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. They didn’t say why, but they said it was a wrongful banning and they apologized to me, so that was nice of them,” Higa said.

However, Higa’s ban has raised concerns about Twitch’s moderation standards.

“I still can’t believe that could happen to just any Twitch streamer though. Would it still happen if I was partnered? Would it happen to the partners too? I don’t know.”

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Ryan Higa’s Twitch channel, ‘itsRyanHiga’, has just over 500,000 followers at the time of publishing. He returned to Twitch in May 2020, and has slowly been rebuilding his fanbase online after a quieter few years.