Jake Paul casts doubt on Tommy Fury rematch after heated phone call

Virginia Glaze

Jake Paul isn’t convinced his rematch with Tommy Fury will ever happen after disclosing the details of a phone call with the British boxer who gave him his first-ever loss last year.

YouTube-boxer Jake Paul doesn’t think one of the biggest matches in his career will come to fruition after a recent phone call with his would-be opponent.

In February 2023, British boxer and reality TV star Tommy Fury defeated Paul by split-decision, marking ‘The Problem Child’s’ first-ever loss in the boxing ring after months of failed attempts at scheduling a fight.

Up until that point, Paul had enjoyed a prolific career, taking victories over former pro athletes and fellow influencers alike. But Tommy put a black mark on Jake’s otherwise near-perfect record, sparking doubt among influencer-boxing fans.

Jake Paul tommy fury fight

Luckily, Paul made his comeback against UFC star Nate Diaz and pro boxer Andre August, knocking out the former in the very first round of their December bout.

Now, it looks like Paul is attempting to schedule a rematch with Fury after proving his mettle in the ring… but he’s not confident it’ll actually happen.

Jake Paul unsure if Tommy Fury rematch will happen

In an episode of his podcast, BS w/ Jake Paul, Paul went over the details of a phone call he had with Fury, who he claimed was asking for “more money” over and over again in spite of the apparently lucrative deal Jake had offered him.

“He’s not getting more money by fighting anybody else, and we have an amazing offer for him out there,” Jake said. “It’s kind of like these excuses after excuses, and I just don’t think people are really wanting to [watch it].”

“Obviously, Tommy already beat me, so people will be like, ‘Oh, he already beat you, why wouldn’t he do it again?’ But he sees my skill set advancing, he knows he had me at my worst.”

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For now, nothing has been confirmed as to a bout between these two fighters. However, Paul is fighting on March 2 against an as-yet unnamed opponent — and it’s unclear if he was hoping Fury would be his rival for the event.

Both Paul and Fury are on the hook for the ultimate result of their eventual rematch, though, with Fury’s coach claiming he’d make him “retire” if he loses and Logan Paul saying Jake will need to “change his last name” if he takes another L.