Jake Paul slams Andrew Tate and his fans in brutal roast on Impaulsive

Shay Robson

Jake Paul has slammed Andrew Tate for teaching his “virgin” fans that you “need a Bugatti to be cool” in a brutal roast during a recent Impaulsive podcast episode.

Typically, it’s Jake Paul being criticized, but this time he’s on the other end of the stick and, like many others, is criticizing Andrew Tate.

The four-time kickboxing world champion has blown up on the internet in the past few months, with his controversial “misogynist” and “anti-woman” takes spreading across TikTok like a wildfire.

However, he’s now even come under fire from Jake Paul – a controversial figure himself – who’s brutally roasted the 35-year-old and his opinions that are teaching kids the wrong ideas.

According to Jake in a recent episode of his brother’s podcast Impaulsive, the contentious internet star is teaching kids that they need a Buggati to be cool – which Jake doesn’t agree with.

“I just think it’s funny that the ‘Top G’ is a fanboy,” he said. “He runs with this whole thing like ‘what color is your Buggati?’ Andrew, it’s not cool to tell kids that they need a Buggati to be cool.”

He continued: “Andrew’s Tate’s fans are all virgins, and they’re watching him to try get laid. But they’re going to get spit on and slapped by a girl, that’s what’s gonna happen.”

The two controversial internet stars aren’t exactly on good terms at the moment. Despite Tate previously claiming he’d “kick the living f**k” out of Jake Paul, he recently explained how he’s “no longer angry” with him.

However, the pair may be preparing for a clash in the ring, with Tate hinting that negotiations for a bout are underway. Without a doubt, things a certainly heating up between the two of them.

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