Andrew Tate hints that Jake Paul fight is under negotiation

Andrew Tate speaking on a podcastYouTube: CEOCAST

The internet has latched onto a possible Andrew Tate and Jake Paul boxing match and after several weeks and a few subtle digs, the former Kickboxer told Adin Ross that there are some negotiations happening behind the scenes that he’s not ready to talk about.

Two of the most controversial figures on the internet may be set for a big-time clash if Andrew Tate was being serious during his latest appearance on Adin Ross’ stream.

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Tate, a retired professional fighter, has previously stated that he has no ill will for The Problem Child but would still “kick the living f**k” out of him if given the opportunity.

Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul may be going down after all

When the younger Paul brother was first approached about a potential fight with the self-proclaimed trillionaire, his answer wasn’t exactly promising. “I don’t even know who that is,” he claimed.

If these new details are to be believed though, the situation has certainly changed. While talking to Ross Tate claimed that “sophisticated” negotiations were underway and that he shouldn’t say any more than that while they were on air.

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Jake is not the only one gunning for a chance to fight the former reality TV star. His big bro has also put his hat in the ring, calling the older fighter a ‘drug addict’ and claiming he would gladly suit up against him as well.

Tate hasn’t been too enthusiastic about the prospect of fighting either one of them, and outside of his usual braggadocio, this is the most concrete thing that’s popped up so far.

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For Jake, the timing would certainly work out now that he won’t be squaring up with Hasim Rahman Jr. anymore, and after two canceled bouts, his fans are certainly ready to see him back in action soon.

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