Andrew Tate wants to “beat the living sh*t” out of Jake Paul

YouTube: The Fellas / Instagram: jakepaul

British-American kickboxing star Andrew Tate is game to fight YouTube boxer Jake Paul, but he doesn’t want an average bout — he wants to destroy him.

Jake Paul is the undeniable face of influencer boxing. Following in his older brother’s footsteps, Jake cut his eye teeth against fellow YouTuber Deji in 2018 — and since then, it’s been off to the races.

In the years that followed, Paul managed to rack up a 5-0 record, scoring all but one of his wins by knockout.

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He’s taken on a slew of professional athletes like NBA star Nate Robinson and former UFC champ Tyron Woodley… but that’s not enough for ‘The Problem Child.’

Jake Paul takes a punch by TyronAmanda Westcott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul’s last bout was a rematch against UFC legend Tyron Woodley, which he won by knockout.

Paul has made it his mission to call out just about every major fighter in every combat sport — be it Anderson Silva, Floyd Mayweather, and of course Conor McGregor.

Kickboxing star Andrew Tate took notice of Paul’s comments toward McGregor last year. In fact, he even uploaded a YouTube video calling out the youngest Paul brother, saying the influencer was “desperate for a reality check.”

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Andrew Tate puts up $3 million for possible Jake Paul fight

A year later, Tate claims that he actually respects Jake… and because of that, he’s willing to give him a chance in a sanctioned scrap. To the tune of $3 million, of course.

“When I made the video, I really disliked Jake Paul,” he explained during a June 7 episode of ‘The Fellas’ podcast. “Now, I don’t dislike him, I understand him. I want to make something clear: I would kick the f**k out of Jake Paul.”

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“I think him fighting me is a massive risk for him, and he knows that,” he continued. “I’d love to kick the f**k out of the guy, because I love to fight. That’s the difference between me and everyone else he’s fought so far. I’m not some desperate guy at the end of his career who needs a payday.”

Andrew Tate calls out jake paulInstagram: cobratate
‘King Cobra’ Andrew Tate is willing to pony up $3 million to fight Jake Paul.

Tate made it clear that he feels Paul is “very smart” and “very, very clever” — two reasons that he wants to go head to head against the YouTuber like equals.

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“The fact he chose fighting, which takes some genuine bravery, I actually respect,” he added. “I actually respect he gets in the ring. It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s a scary thing to do, and I respect the man for that.”

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Paul is set to return to the boxing ring this August against an as-yet unnamed opponent… but Tate’s challenge still stands when it’s over.

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