Andrew Tate sparks controversy over ‘misogynistic’ comments with Adin Ross on Twitch stream

Andrew Tate and Adin Ross Instagram photosInstagram: Adin Ross/ Andrew Tate

Controversial internet personality Andrew Tate sparked fury during his interview with Adin Ross on Twitch disputing claims that he was ‘misogynist’ because he “highlights the differences between men and women.”

Adin Ross is no stranger to controversy himself – the streamer previously received an indefinite suspension from Twitch for “hateful conduct” in April, to the dismay of some his fans. However, his Twitch unban caused even more upset for some.

Following on from the drama, Ross has received his second wind and plowed ahead back into streaming.

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Although, not all of his fanbase were happy when he revealed that he was going to interview British former kickboxer, businessman and YouTuber Andrew Tate who has been criticized for his “misogynistic” views.

Andrew Tate denies being a ‘misogynist’

During his interview with Tate on July 11, Ross addressed the backlash he received from fans over featuring Tate on his stream, particularly due to these misogyny claims

However, Tate quickly fired back: “I highlight the differences between men and women does that make me a misogynist? Men and women are different creatures, right? I don’t think that one is even particularly better than the other I think we’re different, we operate differently.”

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He added that he doesn’t think of himself as a “misogynist” but as a “realist.”

(Topic begins at 16:02 in the video)

Ross also denied that he thinks Tate is misogynistic, but he attempted to dispel the 35-year-old’s claim that “women cannot drive.”

“My point was obviously a generalization,” Tate explained. “The general point is that in general, on average, females are not as good at driving as men.”

Although there was certainly lots of criticism of Tate’s views on Adin’s stream, some have also suggested that it is simply a “character”, or that he is deliberately “trying to be controversial.”

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Ross and Tate discussed a whole host of sensitive topics during their stream together. However, it likely won’t be long until Ross’ fellow streamers share their take on Tate’s comments.

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