Jake Paul hits back at Nate Diaz’s claim he’s on steroids for long-awaited fight

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul and Nate Diaz side-by-side talking to camera

Jake Paul has hit back at Nate Diaz’s claim that he is using steroids in the build-up to their long-awaited fight, offering him the chance for a longer bout. 

As Jake Paul and his brother Logan have made waves in the world of boxing over the last few years, there have been a number of skeptics and plenty of criticism thrown their way. 

One of the biggest and routinely used claims is that the pair have used performance-enhancing drugs like steroids in the build-up to fights. The pair of them have downplayed those claims, even offering opponents the option to add rigorous drug testing schedules for their fights. 

As Jake prepares to fight Nate Diaz on August 5, the former UFC star has joined those in claiming that the YouTuber-turned-boxer isn’t all-natural. Though, Jake has also hit back at that too. 

Jake Paul & Nate Diaz trade blows over steroid claims for fight

The pair traded jibes at the end of April, with Nate putting out a simple tweet about the length of their fight. “12 rounds. You’re on steroids so lets put that s*it to work,” he said on April 28. 

It took Jake almost a day to respond, but when he did, he quickly turned the tables on Nate. “You speaking to me Nathan? We haven’t forgotten that you tested positive for steroids. You and your boyfriend Connor are juice heads,” he fired back.

“Let’s do 15 rounds and see how good those cannabis corroded lungs are. VADA going to be coming to Stockton to slap you up.”

The pair of them haven’t added anything to those tweets, with Jake turning his attention to trash-talking KSI over his boxing career. 

Given how long fans of Jake have waited to see him fight Nate, there’s sure to be plenty of interest around it, and that doesn’t include the fact that he’s looking to bounce back from his first loss.