Jake Paul shares update on Nate Diaz MMA fight after denying boxing rematch

Michael Gwilliam
Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz officially announced

Influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul has updated fans about his rumored MMA debut against MMA legend Nate Diaz despite turning down his request for a boxing rematch.

‘The Problem Child’ has taken the boxing world by storm, bouncing back from his first-ever loss to Tommy Fury by besting UFC icon Nate Diaz in the ring to improve to 8-1.

Although Diaz had seemingly accepted Paul’s $10M MMA rematch challenge, the mixed martial artist was accused of “weaseling out” of the bout by PFL founder Donn Davis.

Paul is instead taking on 10-1 boxing pro Andre August on December 15, but that doesn’t mean the MMA rematch with Diaz is fully off the table and wants to make it happen in 2024.

Jake Paul says he’s “ready” for MMA debut against Nate Diaz

Speaking with MMA Junkie, Paul accused Diaz of turning down more money than he’s ever made for fight and posting confusing fake posters about a boxing rematch.

“We’re ready, MMA, end of 2024, $10 million, which is more than he’s ever made for an MMA fight – ever. He’s sitting there asking for more money basically drunk tweeting random sh*t and random fight posters, making himself look like a fool,” Paul slammed.

Jake continued, saying that he doesn’t understand what Diaz’s team is doing and took issue with the sport in general how fighters get called out, but nothing ends up happening – something he wants to fix.

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“That’s what I’ve looked to change in this sport and to just provide transparency to my audience about what’s actually going on with these negotiations and not being afraid to fight anyone anywhere, anytime, any place,” he said.

The influencer further reiterated that he’s locked in to compete in MMA, but has doubts that Diaz will end up accepting, because of everything he has to lose.

“I truly believe that he knows it would be a really tough fight for him, and I think that’s the thing for him where he’s like, ‘Damn, do I risk my whole MMA reputation by giving this kid a chance here?’”

It’s still anyone’s guess if Diaz decides to take Paul up on his offer, especially given his advantage with years of MMA experience, but we’re going to need to wait a year to see if the rematch goes down inside the cage.