Nate Diaz blasts Jake Paul for ducking his MMA fight offer

Matthew Legros
Nate Diaz at a UFC 244 press conference (left) and Jake Paul (right).

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul have an extensive history of beef. The two met in a boxing match in 2023, but rumors of a potential MMA bout have been floating around since. Now, Diaz reveals why he and Paul won’t be sharing the octagon.

Jake Paul recently slammed MMA stars Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal for throwing shots toward him. At their last press conference for the upcoming “Last Man Standing” boxing match, the two men didn’t hold back with the insults.

During the press conference, Masvidal belittled Paul as an unworthy opponent that Diaz has already fought. He told reporters that he doesn’t take Paul seriously, before Diaz stated “F*** Jake Paul,” which was echoed by Masvidal.

“The Problem Child” did not take those words kindly. He clapped back at both mixed martial artists for bobbing and weaving around his challenge to fight them in the octagon. Paul also put up a $10 million offer for either of them to step up to the plate.

Well, Diaz called his bluff. The Stockton, Calif. native asserted that he did not turn down Paul’s offer, but it was actually the 27-year-old who turned his proposal down. He also shot down any possibility of a future bout between the two taking place in the Professional Fighter’s League, as he told MMA Fighting.

These comments are critical, because Diaz is a free agent at the moment. As such, he could fight against Paul in any MMA promotion, including the PFL. Paul announced he signed a deal with the company on January 4, 2023.

Diaz does not favor the combat sports league for what he alluded to being their poor fight sales. It sounds like he won’t capitulate to Paul’s offer under those conditions, despite reports of their impending match in the MMA sphere at the end of 2023.

That does not shut the door on a rematch between them, though. Paul and Diaz have history dating back to their boxing bout on August 5, 2023, which Paul won convincingly in a unanimous decision.

With the way both have been going at it as of late, it’s not far-fetched to expect a fight to take shape between them following Diaz’s fight against Masvidal later this spring. That is, if either one of them is willing to compromise on their fight proposals.

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