Logan Paul grills Jake over rumors of steroid use in awkward lie detector test

Virginia Glaze

Logan Paul grilled his little brother, Jake, over rumors of him using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs in an awkward confrontation during a lie detector test.

Jake Paul has been hit with claims of using steroids throughout his boxing career — and on June 12, 2024, he got confronted with those rumors by his own brother.

The two linked up for a lie detector test, which Jake published on his YouTube channel. Although the two bantered back and forth, Logan decided to grill his younger sibling when it came time to ask him about performance enhancing drugs.

“I got one for you that’s gonna make you sh*t your ass,” Logan joked. “Are you on PEDs?”

“What do you mean by that?” Jake shot back. “If taking Viagra counts, then yes. It’s performance enhancing, brother.”

The test proctor didn’t seem amused by his answer and asked him for a yes or no response — and it was determined that Jake’s “no” reply was truthful.

“Lucky you,” Logan said. “Let’s see how your B samples come back, brother.”

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Jake has been hit with accusations of steroid use for years, which first rose ahead of his fight with mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley in 2021. Jake denied the claims, saying he was getting drug tested regularly and it’d be impossible to fake false results.

“These guys are trying to do anything at this point to discredit me, to make me look stupid, or to make any excuse,” the boxer said.

However, Woodley would claim that their fight went ahead without any drug testing, calling the process “real weird” in an interview with Ariel Helwani.

In 2023, UFC star Nate Diaz would also claim that Paul was taking steroids, saying in a heated tweet: “12 rounds. You’re on steroids so lets put that s*it to work.”

Jake isn’t the only Paul brother who’s come under scrutiny for possible use of PEDs. Logan has also faced similar accusations, with former kickboxer Andrew Tate claiming the YouTuber is “doing a bunch of steroids and “won’t take a drug test.”

While both brothers have adamantly denied using PEDs, it seems that Jake was telling the truth — but he did get caught in a lie when asked if he was confident about beating Mike Tyson come November 2024.