Jake Paul responds to KSI claiming he will “ruin his legacy” in boxing

Jake Paul hits out at KSIYouTube: BS w/ Jake Paul, JJ Olatunji

YouTube star Jake Paul has hit back at rival KSI after the British content creator said that he wanted to ruin Jake’s legacy by beating Tommy Fury in a boxing match.

The two influencers have frequently clashed over the years since KSI faced Jake’s brother Logan in the ring, and many have speculated a full fight between Jake and KSI could be in the pipeline.

Tensions between the two have only grown more stressful over time, with each creator frequently taking shots at each other on social media. This latest exchange, however, got pretty personal.

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Jake Paul tells KSI: “Your entire boxing career is based around me”

In a series of tweets replying to influencer Salt Papi about his upcoming boxing matches, KSI decided to fire a stray shot in Jake’s direction, saying: “I’d much rather fight and beat Tommy Fury so I can ruin Jake Paul’s legacy.”

He’s referring to Jake’s fight with Tommy in February, which ended in Fury’s victory by split decision. If KSI were to win a fight against Fury, it’d be another victory to hold over Jake’s head.

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However, Jake Paul didn’t take the hit lying down, and quickly responded in a quote tweet, styling himself as KSI’s “boxing hero” and “idol”.

He said: “Your entire boxing career is based around me. That makes me warm inside. So sweet. As your boxing hero, my one piece of advice to you is stop attacking people who fight on or work for your own promotion. It’s a bad look. You are supposedly the CEO.”

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Jake then signed off the tweet with: “Sincerely, Your Idol.”

This isn’t the first time Jake and KSI have clashed on Twitter. After KSI used a racial slur during a Sidemen YouTube video, Jake condemned his apology as “fake”, and told him that he needed to take the situation more seriously.

It’s clear that there’s still no love lost between two of the largest content creators in the world.

For more news and updates on a potential boxing match between Jake Paul and KSI, check out KSI’s official challenge here.

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