Jake Paul explains why he’s not defended Logan in Dillon Danis beef amid “bad brother” claims

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul sat relaxing on couch on set of BS w/ Jake Paul

Jake Paul has, finally, explained why he’s not stepped in to help Logan Paul as Dillon Danis keeps posting photos of his fiancee Nina Agdal, with some claiming he’s a “bad brother” to Logan. 

Over the past few years, whenever Jake or Logan Paul has had an issue with someone else, it’s usually pretty commonplace to see the brothers backing each other. Well, provided they’re not the ones beefing at the time. 

With Logan building up to his fight with Dillon Danis on October 14, the former UFC fighter has made things incredibly personal. Danis has continued to go after Logan’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, posting photos of her with previous partners – some real, and some incredibly fake. 

Logan has stated that he’s “not fazed” by what his rival has been posting, even though Dillon claims to have a ‘nuke’ photo that he believes could see canceling the fight. 

Jake Paul addresses Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis beef at last

While Jake typically steps in to help fight his brother’s side of things, he’s given this one a bit of a wide berth. Well, that is until now. 

The YouTuber-turned-boxer finally addressed the situation on a September 4 Instagram story as he responded to claims that he’s been a “bad brother” to Logan.

“People are saying, Jake, you haven’t come to your brother’s defense… like, defense of what? Logan is going to knock the f*cking s*it out of this kid, that’s all that matters,” Jake said. 

“The rest is just sales for the fight, making the fight bigger, and making my brother more money. Defense of somebody over little, widdle, bitty tweets? Like, bro, we’re grown men here. We’ve seen so much worse than this. So, Logan doesn’t need my help defending anything.”

Jake also addressed some criticism of him using the beef to promote his own sportsbook, saying that Logan would be “happy” given it is “marketing 101.” 

So, while things might be a little cold between them at the minute, Jake still believes in his brother’s ability to get the job done and shut Danis up.

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