Adin Ross claims “nuke” photo Dillon Danis has is going “too far” in Logan Paul beef

Connor Bennett
Adin Ross and Dillon Danis sat ringside on boxin gring looking at phone

Adin Ross claimed that the ‘nuke’ photo that Dillon Danis claims to have on Logan Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal is “too far” after he apparently got a glimpse of it. 

The beef between the Paul brothers – Logan and Jake – and Dillon Danis has been ongoing for a couple of years at this point. The trio have repeatedly traded blows over social media and urged each other to fight. 

Well, Dillon and Logan are scheduled to finally fight on October 14, as they co-main event the PRIME Card underneath KSI vs Tommy Fury. As a result, their beef has gotten even more personal, especially as Danis has been posting photos – some real, some fake – of Logan’s fiancee Nina Agdal. 

With personal beef and legal threats apparently swirling around the fight, Danis has claimed to have a ‘nuke’ photo of Agdal that would see their fight get canceled. Naturally, he’s keeping whatever he’s got close to his chest.

Adin Ross speechless after Dillon Danis apparently shows him ‘nuke’ photo

He did, however, apparently, give Adin Ross a quick glimpse at it during a stream they had together.

The pair had a ‘sparring’ session on Adin’s September 3 stream, but it was naturally pretty one-sided. As they sat ringside, the streamer quizzed Danis about the photo, and he appeared to show him something on his phone.

“Bro!” Adin said, appearing pretty speechless at what he’d just been shown. “That is wild bro. I actually feel really bad. That’s too far, bro.”

Obviously, Danis didn’t show the camera whatever he showed Adin, so it’s hard to say if he actually showed him something real or if it was just a manufactured moment to create more hype. 

Logan has stated that he’s “not fazed” by what the former UFC fighter has been doing, claiming he’s got “dirt” on the Danis family. However, he said he has no intention of using it and that the whole thing has made him and his fiancee even stronger.